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June 8, 2005



Gregory Kammerer. Cataumet Waters, oil on panel


An exhibition of New Paintings by Gregory Kammerer

July 2 – August 6, 2005


Gregory Kammerer’s new paintings reflect his continuing exploration of atmosphere, mood, and form as elements of memory, as reverent and subtle reference to what we already know of land and water, place and love. Land and water are always beginnings for Kammerer, but the intention is to remind us, not of the precarious temporal, but of the lasting, mysterious promise in nature. These paintings call up an eternal human dream of great emotional power, the longing for paradise, that archetypal place free from conflict, suffering and deprivation.


It is a bold and ambitious intention, made more possible, perhaps, by Kemmerer’s self-taught relationship with painting. As he says, “There is no baggage. I don’t know the rules.” His self-directed study has led him to those artists whose visual language resonates with his own – Richard Diebenkorn, whose early abstract paintings, with many thin layers of semi transparent color, could evoke suggestions of atmosphere or landscape – and especially, Mark Rothko, whose pared down form, open fields of color, and reluctance to create boundaries are reflected in Kammerer’s wish to create a visual experience that does not manipulate the viewer, that keeps it open. I dont want to get to the end, he explains. I always want to be able to see something new in the painting.


In the last ten years, Kammerer has given up working from photographs and relies solely on his experience in nature. Equally as important for Kammerer as any studio time are hours spent rowing a single scull on nearby rivers and ponds; images of water, clouds, reflections, and darkness get logged in and stored for reference. The resulting atmospheric paintings convey emotion and act as symbolic works rather than minute descriptions of specific locales. These new paintings, balanced and still, with their muted tones and diffused light, move closer toward visual abstraction and the solace of the lost harmonious world.


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